Math Weekly Coaching Programme

Praises for Math Weekly Coaching Programme:

The lessons have been able to cover all the different types of question that may come out for our O levels.”
Timothy Ho, Gan Eng Seng School, A1 (A&E-Math), O levels 2009

“I have understood topics which i was previously weak at, much better now and they are in fact now my stronger topics. This programme is engaging and fun not like others. I would recommend it to people who need help in Math.”
Dale Lim, Anglican High School, A2 (A&E-Math), O levels 2009

“This programme has boosted my confidence in A-Math by reinforcing my concepts and pointing out common errors. I have also been able to apply the concepts to varying types of questions. This is beneficial as it helps me to gain a better understanding and build up my foundation. By reinforcing and enhancing my foundation, this has increased my confidence to do well.”
Sheryl Khoo, Nan Hua High School, A2 (A-Math), O levels 2009

“Thank you for taking time to help us with our Math. You have been very patient and caring and I’m extremely grateful for that. You have somehow made Math more fun and enjoyable and simpler to understand by making concepts clear. This has been a most interactive experience and I’ll recommend it to anyone who wants help in Math.”
Ong Shien Ling, CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent, D7 to A2 (A-Math), O levels 2009

“This programme has boosted my confidence while doing the paper. It has mdae me calm when I see difficult questions. The lessons were interesting and fun and key concepts were easy to remember, by funny methods. It has improved my grades from a F9 to A1. Thank you for your help.”
Bryanesh Balu, Yuan Ching Secondary, F9 to A2 (A-Math), O levels 2009

“This programme was very beneficial because I learnt new shortcuts and alternative methods to solve questions. It has definitely increased my confidence in performing well for the ‘O’ levels. What I liked most about the programme was that we were not spoon-fed with answers. I feel that its important to learn to understand concepts in order to establish a strong foundation. Therefore, it has definitely helped me in more ways than one. Thank you :D”
Lee Chen Xin, St Margaret’s Secondary,
A1 (E-Math), D7 to B3 (A-Math), O levels 2009

“This programme gave me the opportunity to know what is Mathematics all about, and that it doesn’t just involves numbers but a flexible way of thinking too. I was never interested in Mathematics because I was never good at it. My mindset on Maths is totally different now as I understood the various tactics and strategies to answering a question. Miss Ong is really engaging and she helps her students not by spoon-feeding them with answers but to guide them by asking them questions to answer their initial doubts. If I were to have any regrets, it would be not joining any programmes organized earlier.”
Mo Xiao Fei, Unity Secondary, C5 to A2 (E-Math), F9 to B3 (A-Math), O levels 2009

“I have improved from an E8 to a B4 for my prelims, thanks to the programme. I feel that I understand the questions of Additional Mathematics much better now and have more confident sitting for my ‘O’ level Additional Mathematics examination. The notes given are awesome as it is easy to understand and the notes have good questions. I would totally recommend the programme to my juniors and young cousins.”
Tham Mavis, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, E8 to B3 (A-Math), O levels 2009

“In the past before I attended this class, my A-Math concepts were a flop and I often flunked tests. But after attending the class, I have more confidence in myself when doing A-Math papers and I passed my Prelim II A-Maths!”
Matthew Tan, Woodlands Ring Secondary School, F9 to B3 (A-Math in 3 months), O levels 2009

“A-Math used to be a very complicating subject. When I started to attend this programme, things were taught to me in a way that relates to my life. It was much easier to understand. Now I find A-Math a very easy subject as long as you understand your concepts. There is also an improvement to my grades for Maths.”
Elizabeth, Fairfield Methodist School, F9 to B3 (A-Math), O levels 2009

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