Why Choose Us

Full-time & Highly-Specialized Tutors

We are an academic learning centre that emphasizes on quality of our trainers as we believe they are the ones who can effectively unleash your child’s potential and help them to achieve the grades they truly deserve. All our trainers are full-time subjects specialists who are committed and passionate professionals.

We focus only on what we can do best for your child. Sean Chua specializes in O & A-Level Chemistry Tuition while Ai Ling core specialization are in O-Level Additional & Elementary Mathematics Tuition.

Tutors since 1998

We have been tutoring, coaching, guiding tens and hundreds students from almost every secondary schools. Students who came to us, are often not performing academically due to the lack of tools, strategies and mindset.

We unleash their potential in them by truly understanding their challenges and working closely with them and their parents through positive reinforcement and support.

Our Teaching Methodology Guarantees Improvement!

Based on our proven track record, our students make significant improvements by at least 2 grades in their academic results when they work hard. Their success is our pride. We do whatever it takes for your child to achieve what they truly deserve.

We teach using the latest Accelerated Learning Techniques that is designed to include students’ participation and response. These proven techniques will allow your child to retain and learn faster within a short period of time. We simplify abstract concepts into easy digestible bits for your child to absorb and apply.

Measurable Performance

Our unique teaching methodology is designed in such a way that every child’s understanding can be measured. Yes! By doing this, your child will know exactly his strength and the areas he needs to work on.

We also strongly believe that consistency is the key to your child’s performance.We enforce application of new strategies learned almost instantly.

Engages and Delivers Beyond Academics

All our trainers are continuously upgrading and equipping themselves with more teaching skills through learning from world’s renowned trainers and professionals in areas of Neurolinguistic (NLP), Accelerated Learning Techniques & Psychology.

This ensures that our participants are highly engaged in their learning and can learn faster and more effectively.

On top of that, your child will also learn beyond academics; traits of successful people like perseverance, discipline, focus, courage to question.

Open Communication

Our success lies greatly in communicating the progress of your child to you. We emphasize in following up! This is extremely important as your child will constantly need your encouragement and support in recognizing their effort. Lesson progress and challenges of your child will be informed on a regular basis so that by understanding your child’s learning needs, you can be in a better position to support them. Your child’s success depends on your commitment too!

We accept everyone!

We believe strongly and have proven through our many years of experience that all students have the potential to achieve what they want. It all lies in the mindset and tools they are equipped with. Our expertise lies in helping every student to achieve their breakthrough regardless of their current performance.

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