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Ai Ling, Ong
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"Who Else Wants To Learn The Step-By-Step Strategies To Score In Your
A-Math Exams, Be Quietly  Prepared Before The New School Term Starts?"

Exclusively For Sec 4 (2009) students taking A-Math


Want To Earn The Marks You Truly Deserve For 'O' Levels?
  From the desk of Ai Ling                                                                                                                                      Date:

With 'O' Levels examinations less than 24, 20, 15, 13  11 months away (Performance Indicating Mid Year Exams in 5 months time!) , many students are still facing the challenge of passing their Additional Math papers, not to mention scoring A1. Among this group of students, they are the hardworking ones who do not seem to get what they deserve, no matter how much effort they put into studying of Additional Math. The main reason for many students is due to the weak foundation in their basic essential concepts, the lack of ability to link concepts to application of problem solving in exams, the incorrect usage of approaches which leave them no time to complete the exam papers.

To be able to do really well in Additional Math, you must first have a solid foundation of your essential concepts of most which are covered in Sec 3s. This will accelerate your understanding of the application topics much easily. Secondly, you must be equipped with effective and easy strategies to link the concepts to the application so that you can score in exams by answering to the questions within the time frame.

Effective Strategies + Time Management + Solid Foundation + Confidence = A

Here's What I Got:

This December holiday, we have designed a 'O' Level Additional Math Essential Concepts Revision Workshop for Sec 4 (2009) A-Math students. It will be an intensive workshop over a period of 4 days, 4 hours per day.

This workshop is not meant for everyone!

 'O' Level Additional Math Essential Concepts Revision Workshop


  • Recap of the essential concepts learnt in Sec 3 by learning (sometimes even re-learning) the basics
  • Do ten year series/prelim exams questions discussion. (You can do your questions anytime, anywhere. In this workshop, we start from ground zero to build up your foundation)
  • Build up your confidence for their upcoming Mid Year exams, Prelims and 'O' levels
  • A Feel-Good through listening session (We can motivate you but you have to feel the confidence yourself through seeing that you can learn and apply correctly)
  • Learn strategies to score more marks in A-Math exams
  • Spoon-feeding sessions where answers and solutions are provided to you without you having to do it yourself. (You need to know how to use the concepts taught; making mistakes and correcting them are part of the learning experience)
  • Know how to use the concepts to apply on exam questions
  • A Listen - Learn and Full Stop workshop. (Your active participation is COMPULSORY for effective learning)

How many of your child face any of the following problems in Additional Math?

No matter which problem your child faces, there is a piece of GOOD NEWS! 

"Mastery of Math is About Knowing & Applying The Right Strategies - usage of correct formulae, the keywords to identify, understanding of the question ...Can All Be Learnt By Everyone! "

Here's What 'O' Level Additional Math Essential Concepts Revision Workshop Will Do For Your Child:

At the 'O' Level Additional Math Essential Concepts Revision Workshop, your child will Participate & Learn:

bullet How to understand the abstract concepts easily by mastering a step by step questioning method
bullet The 1% formulas that are compulsory to remember and the 99% formula which are not required to memorize
bullet How to handle exam question by associating keywords to concepts required
bullet The common mistakes 90% of the students love to make (based on my 10 years of teaching experience) and how they can avoid at all cost
bullet How to use their time wisely in exams for every question, and have time for checking while the rest of their friends struggle to complete the paper
bullet How to learn faster and remember more within the shortest period of time
bullet How to master A-Math confidently through hands on experience and active participation
bullet How to cross - link different related concepts together to see the big picture clearer

 Scope of Workshop:

Trigonometric Functions & Graphs
Simple Trigonometric Identities & Equations
Further Trigonometric Identities
Surds, Indices & Logarithms
Quadratic Equations


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Ai Ling, Ong is the Master Trainer and Founder of singaporeolevelmaths. Over the last ten years, she has coached tens and hundreds of students to achieve the marks they truly deserve. She has also rekindled their interest and boosted their confidence in Mathematics so much so that some of the parents were shocked at the changes in attitude they saw in their children towards Mathematics.

She wants to invite your child to come and spend 4 days together where she will be personally coaching and delivering proven and effective A-Math tips, strategies and scoring formulae which have consistently worked for many students to get the results they truly deserve. All she asks is that your child comes with an open mind, a willingness to participate and we will take care of the rest.

When this happens, everything changes......

List of over 40 schools our students are from:


"I didn’t think that it was possible to achieve what I want within a short period. A Math was just dreadful. I hated the subject, because I couldn’t understand anything taught in school. After joining this programme, A Math seem a whole lot easier than what I thought it was, my result rocketed from D7 to A1 for O Level! Thanks so much!"                                                  
Goh Mei Juan, Bedok Green Secondary School, D7 to A1


“A Math used to be such an abstract subject for me. I couldn’t make sense of what I was taught and I did not pass any of my A Math exams or tests previously. Joining this A Math Intensive programme was turning point for me; I wish I was taught the strategies earlier! They were simple and easy to use as I learnt how to “see” A Math better. Thanks for the belief in me!          Vanessa Lim, MGS, E8 To A2 (In 3 months)


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'O' Level Additional Mathematics Essential Concepts Revision Workshop

9th December 2008(Tuesday)

10th December 2008(Wednesday)

12th December 2008(Friday)

13th December 2008(Saturday)

(Light snacks will be provided)

1 pm - 5 pm
Venue                 Orchard Plaza


 (Somerset MRT, next to OG Orchard)
Workshop Price $520      *Reg closes on 6 Dec 2008 12pm
Payment Modes Credit Card

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See you at the workshop!

Ai Ling

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