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Hi Mr Chua, I got an A for H2 Chemistry! Thank you so much for your help for the past 2 years, answering all my queries and misconceptions. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help. Thank you again!

Janine Ang Wen Yan | Anglo Chinese Junior College | 2016
A grade

Thank you for your guidance. I got A for H2 Chemistry.

Edley Ng | Victoria Junior College | 2016
D to A grade (in 3 months)

Hi Mr Chua, thank you for everything 🙂 I got an A for H2 Chemistry.

Natasha Tang | Raffles Institution (Junior College) | 2016
A grade

Just want to thank you for all your help and guidance because I got an A for H2 Chemistry!! On top of that I got an A for everything else too!

Marc Ong Sim Yang | Meridian Junior College | 2016
C to A grade (in 3 months)

I got 6A and 1B (GP). Couldn’t have done it without you 🙂 I am planning to pursue medicine.

Harish Thiyagarajan | Raffles Institution (Junior College) | 2016
A grade

I got a B for H2 Chemistry. Your techniques for the various questions types really helped a lot!

Remyyusman Abdul Rahman | Meridian Junior College | 2016
E to B grade

Mr Chua, I got A for H2 Chemistry. Thanks so much for the guidance you have shown me over the years.

Keith Lim Wei Yang | Raffles Institution (Junior College) | 2015
A grade

Thanks Ai Ling! A grade for H2 Maths!

Leonard Chong | Catholic Junior College | 2015
A grade

Hi Ai Ling, I got an A for H2 Maths!! Was very surprised but thank you for everything!!!

Joy-Ann Chua | St Andrew Junior College | 2015
A grade

I got A for H2 Chemistry. Yay!!! Thanks Sean!! I’m so happy!!! I couldn’t have done it without your help!!

Dana Lim | Raffles Institution (Junior College) | 2015
S to B (Prelims) to A grade (in 3 months)

H2 Chemistry was an A. Thanks! Couldn’t have done it without your help!

Puar Yue Hong | Raffles Institution (Junior College) | 2015
S to A grade 

Mr Chua, I managed to get an A for H2 Chemistry 🙂 Thank you for your help during the workshop. I was really scared as many people found the papers easy.

Kuah Jia Xuan | Temasek Junior College | 2015
E to A grade 

I got an A for H2 Chemistry with much thanks to you!

Yeo Qin-Liang | Anglo Chinese Junior College | 2015
D to A grade (in 4 months)

Everything else except GP got A! Thanks for your help 🙂

Sean Ng Zheng Han | Victoria Junior College | 2015
D to A grade

I am happy to tell you that I attain a B for H2 Chemistry. It’s a far jump from the Us and Ss I received throughout my JC journey. I think the MCQ workshop helped a lot! I saw some familiar questions in the A-Level papers. So thank you for your help.

Rachel Kok | National Junior College | 2015
S to B grade

Thank you for your guidance for the past year! It helped me a lot. I got B for H2 Chemistry.

Lim Yu Bin | Hwa Chong Institution | 2015
E to B grade

Hi Sean! Really happy how Chemistry turned out. I got a B but I am happy since I was failing before A-Levels

Tate Lim Yu Xin | Catholic Junior College | 2015
S to B grade

I got A overall for this Prelim. Talking about scores, I got 30/40 for Paper 1, 52/72 for Paper 2 and 59/80 for Paper 3. Thank you.

Kenneth Tan Kai Wen | Jurong Junior College | 2014
A grade
Top Student in Jurong Junior College 2014

The H2 Chemistry classes have helped me a lot in strengthening my fundamentals. It has helped me clarify all my basic misconceptions and helped keep me on top among my school peers. Thanks! The notes are very useful and concise. The classes are relaxed, fun and productive. It helped made Chemistry fun and learning it relatively easy. Thanks for the two and half years!

Alika Leong | Serangoon Junior College | 2013
C to A grade

Mr Chua’s H2 Chemistry lessons are the most interesting lessons I’ve been to. He really helps us to get a good grasps of the concepts in each chapter before moving on. He’s always willing to help us clarify any doubts we may have, even via SMS. He is a truly dedicated and hardworking teacher. I’m glad to say that I’ve benefited greatly from Mr Chua’s lessons.

Rashaad Khan | Catholic Junior College | 2013
A grade

Comfortable, small classes are good! The lessons have helped me pull up my grades from U to B in my prelim examinations! It helped me hone my fundamentals, something the school never emphasized on. The way of teaching is awesome, interesting, enriching and interactive. I do feel confident for A-Level H2 Chemistry now.

Aishwarya | St Andrew Junior College | 2012
U to A grade
In UK Medical School

The course was very helpful in getting my concepts clear. Mr Chua is a *hyperactive* teacher who is clear and entertaining. He can teach and explain well. He puts in a lot of effort to clarify and check for answers to questions or doubts raised. 

Eveline Tan Sheau Ling | National Junior College | 2012
E to A grade
In Chemical Engineering NUS

The lessons have been very helpful in emphasizing the basics and fundamentals of each topic. This is really helpful because I have always been very weak in Chemistry even in Secondary School. I feel that my understanding of Chemistry has improved a lot. Mr Chua is a really good teacher who is always patient. His thorough explanations help a lot. Thank you!

Kimberly Lim | Raffles Institution (Junior College) | 2012
U to B grade




Thank you for helping me so much for the past year. I didn’t ever think passing Chemistry was possible at the start but I really gain confidence and momentum to start working hard after attending your classes!

Doreen Gan | Commonwealth Secondary School | 2014
D7 to A1 grade
In Anderson Junior College

Hi Mr Chua, just in case you have read TODAY papers and wondering what’s up with my Chemistry. Yes I got 7 (:
Thank you so much for your teaching over the years. You’re truly an awesome teacher!!!

Jileen Yong | St Joseph Institution IB Program | 2014
Chemistry Higher Level Subject grade: 7

I especially enjoyed the functions and graphs workshop as I learnt many different ways to remember the shapes of curves. The workshop allowed me to gain confidence in handling the graph questions in the future. Besides, recaps in basics Trigonometry in O-Level E-Maths also allowed me to be more aware of concepts taught in school that I have yet to grasp. I’d recommend anyone who’s unable to cope with studies to join Winners Education. Thank you Ai Ling!

Doreen Gan | Commonwealth Secondary School | 2014

The workshop explained challenging concepts in simple ways. Along with examples and a variety of questions that tested our understanding of the topic, this workshop helped me better understand the more complex chapters of O-Level E-Maths!

Nicholas Lam | St Gabriel’s Secondary School | 2014

The workshop was fun and enjoyable, I have confidence in my O-Level E-Maths topics now and I have acquired the ability to interpret many shapes and triangles. All the formulas and basic things are now in my head which will help me in my exams soon.

Danny Lim | Woodgrove Secondary School | 2014

When I first stepped into Winners Education, I was an “E8” student and I absolutely loathed A-Maths. But under the guidance of Ms Ong, right now just a few days before the paper, I can confidently say that I will get A1 as a sign of gratitude, for Winners Education is truly one of the factors that made A-Maths one of my favourite subjects now. THANK YOU! Winners Education is a very unique tuition centre, I’ve never regretted joining this family!

Rachel Kok | Singapore Chinese Girls School | 2013
E8 to A1 grade
In National Junior College

It has been a wonderful experience to have lessons here! I want to highlight what is so special about the O-Level A-Maths lessons: you made the concepts simple and easy to understand! Please keep it up and continue to enlighten more students!

Bryan Lo | Si Ling Secondary School | 2013
B4 to A2 grade (in 3 months)
Top O-Level student in Si Ling Secondary

Thanks so much to Ai Ling for  helping me along this hard path. She cleared my problems and doubts, giving me tumultuous support and joy through her teaching.

Ryan Teh | Hwa Chong International | 2013
In St Joseph International

The aspect of the lesson that helped me the most are the detailed run through of the methods to use for each question type and the constant support and 24/7 communication with the teacher. Ai Ling is very efficient and fun.

Andrea Ong Shi Eng | Singapore Chinese Girls School | 2013
C5 to A1 (in 4 months)


I feel that the O-Level Chemistry lessons have been very effective and has helped to grasp the basics of Chemistry and letting me realise that it is actually quite easy and I hope that this programme will be carried on for future years. I also find Mr Chua an effective and dedicated teacher, even staying back after class to help me.

Ethan Lim | St Joseph Institution | 2013
C6 to A1 grade (in 3 months)

I find the O-Level Chemistry lessons very enjoyable as Mr Chua makes the atmosphere very light and happy. I learn a lot and I find Chemistry rather easy after 2 years. I feel very comfortable during lessons time as I find that everyone in the class have become mutual friends.

Sarah Ong | Cedar Girls School | 2013
A1 grade
In ACS Independent

Your lessons somehow kindled my interest in Chemistry for me. For someone with consistent fails in sec 3, to constant As in sec 4, the change is miraculous! I can’t exactly pinpoint what changed my mindset but now I find myself enjoying Chemistry. Sean Chua is clear and concise, clearing up many doubts. Not to be overly dramatic but this might have changed my life as I now consider Chemistry as a possible JC course. Fantastic O-Level Chemistry tuition that changed my whole outlook on Chemistry, making it one of my favourite subject!

Bryan Leong | Hwa Chong Institution | 2013
F to A2 grade

Ayo~ Thank you for teaching me Chemistry for the past 1 year. Your O-Level Chemistry class really benefitted me tremendously. I find Chemistry more interesting, enjoyable and understandable after your class. You helped me improve from a C5 to an A1 woohoo. Your notes are really concise and straight to the point and the TYS really benefitted a lot. I like your teaching style because it is funny but at the same time, interesting as well. Really thank you for the amazing 1 year spent with you and the class.

Amanda Shen | St Nicholas Girls School | 2013
C6 to A2 grade
In Temasek Junior College


I absolutely loved the A-Maths lessons, and I really looked forward to them every week. Even though there was a little homework given out, and seemingly simple questions at that, the choices in questions showed meticulous consideration. Lesser tutors would have given many questions, choosing quantity over quality. My only gripe is that the lessons were too short. They were really fun.

 Erica Lim | Singapore Chinese Girls School | 2012
A1 grade
In Victoria Junior College Humanities Programme

The lessons were very beneficial. They were entertaining and at the same time educational. I feel that I have learnt much from this entire year. Thank You Ai Ling. If given a chance I will surely join the JC class. THANK YOU!

Ramesh Vishnuraj | St Andrew School | 2012
F to A2 grade
In Anderson Junior College

The lessons have been very beneficial to my studies as I am able to easily grasp concepts that I have trouble with in school. I never really did understand O-Level A-Maths in school so the lessons here cleared up my misunderstandings within a short period of time. The 8 lessons I have attended were really fun and informative. As the lessons cater to smaller groups, I find myself being more attentive. Thus, the lessons were very helpful :D.
Thank You Ai Ling!

Chan Li Fang | St Margaret Secondary School | 2012
B4 to A1 grade (in 8 weeks)
In St Joseph Institution Independent

The pace of the lessons are appropriate won’t be going on too fast, adapt to the needs of students. Really patient (explain clearly + clarify student’s doubts). Questions prepared in the materials are applicable. Some are challenging, can help students know what they still need to improve through errors they have made. Very helpful, provide extra time to allow students to ask qns (come early & ask in SMS). Really put in great effort with students for them to improve. Good!!

Annie Kwong | New Town Secondary School | 2012
F to A2 grade
In Jurong Junior College

This programme has boosted my confidence in A-Math by reinforcing my concepts and pointing out common errors. I have also been able to apply the concepts to varying types of questions. This is beneficial as it helps me to gain a better understanding and build up my foundation. By reinforcing and enhancing my foundation, this has increased my confidence to do well.

Sheryl Khoo | Nan Hua High School | 2009
A2 grade

Thank you for taking time to help us with our O-Level A-Maths. You have been very patient and caring and I’m extremely grateful for that. You have somehow made Math more fun and enjoyable and simpler to understand by making concepts clear. This has been a most interactive experience and I’ll recommend it to anyone who wants help in Math.

Ong Shien Ling | CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent | 2009
D7 to A2 grade

Nigel Choy | ACS (Barker) | 2009
F to C5 grade (in 12 lessons)

Hi Sean, just want to say a BEEG thank you being an inspiring teacher. Your passion for Chemistry & dedication in teaching are a great motivation & inspiration to your students. You do not choose only the ‘A’ grade students but inspire them to be. Because of your help, Tim (Timothy) improved his Chemistry and was able to spend more time brushing up other subjects. Thanks! Rgds, Mrs Ho

Mrs Ho, Parent of Timothy Ho | Gan Eng Seng School | 2009
A2 grade

Flip-charts are very helpful with regards to recall of concepts. The workshop was very effective. Mr Chua was very clear and concise in his explanations of Chemistry Concepts, especially helpful with the Equation Writing & Mole Calculations. Mr Chua has made Chemistry easier to understand with his analogies and more concrete/logical reasoning in chemistry questions. Overall, it was a very conducive and productive use of time.

Thank you Mr Chua. Your coaching helped immensely!

Lee Jiayu Sherri | Methodist Girl’s School | 2009
F9 to A1 grade

Hi Sean. Would like to share about Zamann’s results. He got a B3 for O-Level Chemistry. Thank you very much for your guidance. From Mid-Year (F9) –> Prelims (C5) –> B3 (O Levels 2009) in just 3 months! Without your guidance, he will not be where he is now. He is eligible for JC and Poly. I sure will recommend you & Winners Education Group to others! =)

Suhana, Parent of Khairuzamann | Temasek Secondary School | 2009
F9 to B3 grade (in 3 months)

Interesting Course! Very good recap on school work and acts as a form of revision so that I don’t have to study Chemistry outside of school. Sean knows how to teach well and can give a very immediate and comprehensive view on many Chemistry queries. He helps by being enthusiatic in answering questions, helping me to spark my interest in Chemistry. Thank you Sean!

Winston Lee | ACS (Barker) | 2009
A1 grade

Sean has made it possible for me to understand certain Chemistry Concepts much better. There are several fundamentals that he insists on me knowing it, that i initially thought of skipping. His analogies and ways of relating chemistry to everyday life is very apt and makes it easier for me to grasp the concepts. With a good grasp of the fundamental concepts, it was so much easier for me to tackle other tough chapters like Acids, Bases & Salts, Electrolysis, Mole Concepts and Chemical Analysis. Appreciate your help Sean! I would highly recommend Sean to you, especially you face problems in understanding those Chemistry Concepts, cos he makes it so simple to relate to.

Cheney Wong | St Andrew School | 2007
D7 to A1 grade (in 3 months)

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