The Puar Siblings

A) The Younger Sister, Puar Yu Rou (2016-2017)

Yu Rou from Raffles Institution joined us in Aug 2016, about 1.5 months before her JC1 Year 5 Promotional Examination on the recommendation of her brother, Yue Hong. (Read his story here)

She was scoring S grade (40-44%).

She asked many many questions to clarify her doubts during class and via WhatsApp.

She went on to achieve a B grade for her JC1 Year 5 Promotional Examination! Even her school tutor was shocked.

“Incredible effort, Yu Rou! Huge improvement from S –> B! Well done! Keep it up!” 

While everyone was happily enjoying their holidays in Nov 2016, she returned to attend our 2 days revision workshop on H2 Chemistry Chemical Bonding despite her B grade. She was a diligent girl who knew her weakness and continued to be a humble learner.

She returned for JC2 H2 Chemistry Weekly Tuition Class in 2017 and continued to ask more during class and via WhatsApp.


For her JC2 Year 6 Term 3 Common Test, she scored a B grade, earning her another positive remark from her school tutor.

“Huge improvement… On track to A!” 

For her A-Level H2 Chemistry examination, just like many students, she found the papers strange but with her strong foundation in her basics coupled with her confidence in the subject, she managed the examination exceptionally well and indeed like what we have expected of her: she scored an A for her 2017 GCE A-Level H2 Chemistry examination. In fact, she scored straight As for all her subjects!


B) The Elder Brother, Puar Yue Hong (2014-2015)

Let’s talk about Yue Hong now. He was recommended by his friends and relatives to join Winners Education for his H2 Chemistry. He joined us in July 2014 during his Year 5 JC1 in Raffles Institution. He was getting S and U grades.

In about 2 months, Yue Hong scored a D grade for his Year 5 JC1 Promotional Examination and he was quite satisfied.

Just like his sister, he attended the revision workshop on Chemical Bonding in June 2016. He brought his friend along too. He clarified his doubts in class and for his Year 6 JC2 H2 Chemistry Prelims, he achieved a B grade!

He gained momentum and achieved A grade for his GCE A-Level H2 Chemistry examination. In fact he scored straight As for all his A-Level subjects!



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