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Many have the misconception that memorising alone will get a student to score in Chemistry exams. This is not true at all. In fact, students need to understand the underlying key concepts and present it to the examiners with the required keywords in order to excel in Chemistry. Having an enjoyable Chemistry tuition class will definitely accelerate your child’s improvement

Systematic Teaching Methodology:

  • Topical key concepts are taught in a simple, clear manner. They are reinforced through carefully selected questions of varying challenge level.
  • Abstract concepts are explained using analogies drawn from everyday life examples, making learning of Chemistry more fun and enjoyable for student.
  • Emphasised on essential keywords that are required by examiners for different type of questions
  • Commonly made mistakes and traps set by examiners are also highlighted to students so that they are aware and can avoid them
  • A quiz will be used to evaluate students’ understanding after completion of a topic. This builds up their competence level one step at a time.

In short, we ensure students truly understand the concepts and their application through questioning, participation in discussion and doing.

Sean Chua in The Straits Times media & his O-Level Chemistry & A-Level JC H2 Chemistry Ten Years Series Books and Assignment

Be Taught by Author – Sean Chua

Sean Chua is the invited author for the following books:

  • GCE A-Level H2 Chemistry Ten Years Series (both topical & yearly editions) books by SAP Publisher
  • GCE O-Level Chemistry Ten Years Series (both topical & yearly editions) books by FBP Publisher
  • GCE O-Level Pass With Distinction – Chemistry assessment book (thought-provoking questions) by Shinglee Publisher
  • GCE O-Level Pass With Distinction – Combine Sci Chemistry assessment book (thought-provoking questions) by Shinglee Publisher
  • GCE O-Level Up Your Chemistry Grades NowTM electronic book by Winners Education Group

His books are widely adopted and used by secondary schools and junior colleges in Singapore, as well as by overseas institutions and learning centres. His books have also been widely recommended by private tutors and educational forums in Singapore.

He is a full time trainer at Winners Education Centre specialising in GCE O-Level Chemistry and GCE A-Level H2 Chemistry.

His 17+ years of coaching experience has equipped him to understand the true reasons why students are not able to perform well in Chemistry, and allow him to structure his teaching methodologies to cater to different levels of learners.

Through his regular weekly lessons and topical revision workshops, he has empowered thousands of students from over 170+ secondary schools and junior colleges to experience Chemistry learning with a difference, and unlocked the secrets to achieve the grades they truly deserve.

  • His strength lies in designing easy to understand materials which emphasis on keywords associated with each essential concepts
  • His familiarity with the content syllabus gives his students a competitive edge as he prepares them confidently to score in the major examinations
  • Parents enjoy a peace of mind when they enroll their children in the Chemistry class as they know Sean is committed towards their children’s learning journey. He provides candid feedback to update parents and to get them involved in their children’s learning as well. He also assists students through various channels such as email / sms / whatsapp support to clarify their doubts, encouraging them to be active learners.

List of over 170+ schools our students are from:

Committed students and parents come from all over Singapore to attend our Chemistry tuition classes

Winners Education proven track record since 1999. Thousands of students from 180+ secondary schools & JCs benefitted from our Chemistry tuition classes


Types of Programmes – conducted by Sean Chua personally

  • GCE O-Level Chemistry Ultimate Leap Weekly Coaching Class, January to October
  • GCE O-Level Chemistry Pass with Distinction™ Workshops, June & November/December School Holidays
  • GCE O-Level Chemistry Intensive Revision Programme, July to October
  • GCE O-Level Chemistry Paper 2 The Science of Answering Structured Questions™ Workshop, October
  • GCE O-Level Chemistry Score 100% Chemistry MCQ™ Workshop, November
  • GCE A-Level Chemistry Ultimate Leap Weekly Coaching Class, January to October
  • GCE A-Level H2 Chemistry Pass with Distinction™  Workshops, June & November/December School Holidays
  • GCE A-Level H2 Chemistry Score 100% Chemistry MCQ™ Workshop, November

Chemistry Resources:

“80% of the Success is just about taking the Necessary Actions!” Join our enjoyable and effective Chemistry tuition classes today!

“I got A overall for this Prelim. Talking about scores, I got 30/40 for Paper 1, 52/72 for Paper 2 and 59/80 for Paper 3. Thank you.”

Kenneth Tan, JJC Top Student 2014, A grade

“Hi Sean, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for tutoring and guiding Qi Zong all those years. You have instilled and ignited his passion in Chemistry. I am very appreciative that you were always there when he needed help and I must acknowledge that with your patience, guidance and motivation, Qi Zong was able to achieve grade A for his A-level Chemistry. This will not be possible without your effort. We are indeed very grateful to you. Thank you very much.”

Mrs Lee, Mother of Lee Qi Zong, Nanyang Junior College, A grade

“The lessons have been very helpful in emphasizing the basics and fundamentals of each topic. This is really helpful because I have always been very weak in Chemistry even in Secondary School. I feel that my understanding of Chemistry has improved a lot. Mr Chua is a really good teacher who is always patient. His thorough explanations help a lot. Thank you!"

Kimberly Lim, Raffles Junior College, U to B grade

The course has definitely helped me to strengthen my understanding of Chemistry and improve my performance in exams. Mr Chua makes difficult and complicated concepts very easy to understand. He is also very approachable and a great help when I need to clarify certain questions and concepts.”

Cheryl Tan Li-Shian, Victoria Junior College, E to B grade

“Good classroom environment. Helps me with revision. Enjoyable lessons. Good teaching methods. Helps me to catch up with school work.”

Philiene Ng Wan Hui, Meridian Junior College, D to B grade

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"Hi Mr Chua, I got an A for H2 Chemistry! Thank you so much for your help for the past 2 years, answering all my queries and misconceptions. Wouldn't have been able to do it without your help. Thank you again!"

Janine Ang Wen Yan, Anglo Chinese Junior College, A grade

"I feel that the O-Level Chemistry lessons have been very effective and has helped to grasp the basics of Chemistry and letting me realise that it is actually quite easy and I hope that this programme will be carried on for future years. I also find Mr Chua an effective and dedicated teacher, even staying back after class to help me."

Ethan Lim, St Joseph Institution, C6 to A1 grade (in 3 months)

"Thank you for your guidance. I got A for H2 Chemistry."

Edley Ng, Victoria Junior College, D to A grade (in 3 months)

"Hi Mr Chua, thank you for everything :) I got an A for H2 Chemistry."

Natasha Tang, Raffles Institution (Junior College), A grade

"Just want to thank you for all your help and guidance because I got an A for H2 Chemistry!! On top of that I got an A for everything else too!"

Marc Ong Sim Yang, Meridian Junior College, C to A grade (in 3 months)

"Your lessons somehow kindled my interest in Chemistry for me. For someone with consistent fails in sec 3, to constant As in sec 4, the change is miraculous! I can’t exactly pinpoint what changed my mindset but now I find myself enjoying Chemistry. Sean Chua is clear and concise, clearing up many doubts. Not to be overly dramatic but this might have changed my life as I now consider Chemistry as a possible JC course. Fantastic O-Level Chemistry tuition that changed my whole outlook on Chemistry, making it one of my favourite subject!"

Bryan Leong, Hwa Chong Institution, F to A2 grade

"I got 6A and 1B (GP). Couldn't have done it without you :) I am planning to pursue medicine."

Harish Thiyagarajan, Raffles Institution (Junior College), A grade

"I got a B for H2 Chemistry. Your techniques for the various questions types really helped a lot!"

Remyyusman Abdul Rahman, Meridian Junior College, E to B grade

"The H2 Chemistry classes have helped me a lot in strengthening my fundamentals. It has helped me clarify all my basic misconceptions and helped keep me on top among my school peers. Thanks! The notes are very useful and concise. The classes are relaxed, fun and productive. It helped made Chemistry fun and learning it relatively easy. Thanks for the two and half years!"

Alika Leong, Serangoon Junior College, C to A grade

The course was very helpful in getting my concepts clear. Mr Chua is a *hyperactive* teacher who is clear and entertaining. He can teach and explain well. He puts in a lot of effort to clarify and check for answers to questions or doubts raised. “

Eveline Tan Sheau Ling, National Junior College, E to A grade

“Sean has made it possible for me to understand certain Chemistry Concepts much better. There are several fundamentals that he insists on me knowing it, that i initially thought of skipping. His analogies and ways of relating chemistry to everyday life is very apt and makes it easier for me to grasp the concepts. With a good grasp of the fundamental concepts, it was so much easier for me to tackle other tough chapters like Acids, Bases & Salts, Electrolysis, Mole Concepts and Chemical Analysis. Appreciate your help Sean! I would highly recommend Sean to you, especially you face problems in understanding those Chemistry Concepts, cos he makes it so simple to relate to. ”

Cheney Wong, St Andrew School, D7 (Sec 4 Mid-year) to A1 (O Level)

"Mr Chua’s H2 Chemistry lessons are the most interesting lessons I’ve been to. He really helps us to get a good grasps of the concepts in each chapter before moving on. He’s always willing to help us clarify any doubts we may have, even via SMS. He is a truly dedicated and hardworking teacher. I’m glad to say that I’ve benefited greatly from Mr Chua’s lessons."

Rashaad Khan, Catholic Junior College, A grade

“Mr Chua (Sean) has made many concepts and topics more understandable and comprehensive. Also, there were many times I had questions that could not be answered by the textbook and Mr Chua (Sean) has always been able to provide me an answer. There were also times where exam questions will come out that were not reflected in the textbook but he has been able to help me understand how to approach the question. I would highly recommend Mr Chua (Sean) to those that face challenges with Chemistry Concepts because he is a good coach and he truly deserves it. He is also the type of person who encourages and gives direction to students so that we not only learn to overcome the challenges but learn to love them.

Thank you Mr Chua (Sean) for helping me inculcate a great love for the sciences (yes, not just Chemistry)! I truly appreciate all your help, because I believe that the passion of my studies that you have helped me developed will bring me to great heights in life. Thank You and never stop teaching cause it’s what you are good at Mr Chua (Sean)”

Ruth Ng Hui En, Crescent Girl’s School, C5 (Sec 3 Mid-year) to A1 (Prelims)

“Comfortable, small classes are good! The lessons have helped me pull up my grades from U to B! It helped me hone my fundamentals, something the school never emphasized on. The way of teaching is awesome, interesting, enriching and interactive. I do feel confident for Chemistry now.”

Aishwarya, St Andrew Junior College, U to A grade

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