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Winners Education from F to A in O-Level Pure Chemistry


We have received many calls from parents over the years, seeking help for their child in Secondary 3 and Secondary 4
O-Level Pure Chemistry tuition as well as IP Chemistry tuition.

These are some of the common problems we always hear from them during our conversations:

“My child cannot score in Chemistry even though she’s very hardworking.”
“He’s having a private Chemistry tutor now but I don’t see any improvement for the past 5 months.”
“My child knows the concepts but he can’t seem to apply in his Chemistry exams!”
“My daughter is a very smart girl but mentioned that her Chemistry teacher is going so fast that the whole class is unable to catch up.”
“He told me that he understands everything his teacher teaches in class but always missed out on the keywords in his Chemistry structured questions.”
“My son told me that he is giving up Chemistry because no matter how much time he spends to study before his exam, he will never do well.”
“I’m worried for my daughter. It’s already July and she is only having borderline pass for her O-Level Pure Chemistry.”

Chemistry is an abstract science subject which many students are not able to understand. When they keep failing Chemistry without finding out the true reasons, they lose the interest and motivation to learn Chemistry. They simply give up.

Very often, it could be their wrong studying methods. We have come across many students who study Chemistry by memorising and regurgitation. They will not score distinction for their O-Level Pure Chemistry or IP Chemistry by rote memorisation.


In Winners Education, Sean emphasises on understanding the essential concepts first before he shares with his students on the strategies and techniques in answering exam-based application questions of different difficulty levels.

Sean Chua Chemistry Teaching Methodology

Sean’s strength lies in using everyday life analogies to simplify abstract Chemistry concepts for his students in his Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 O-Level Pure Chemistry and IP Chemistry Tuition classes. It is his strength in bringing Chemistry to life that kindles the interest of Chemistry in thousands of students he has taught. Many of his students are so inspired by his real life and industrial examples that they continue their higher education in Chemistry-related courses.

Being a firm believer of Accelerated Learning Techniques, Sean also encompasses such learning techniques in all his Chemistry classes so that his students can learn the key concepts fast and be able to apply to examination.

Highly Sought After Teaching Materials

Teaching materials will be provided for all our Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 O-Level Pure Chemistry and IP Chemistry tuition classes. These highly sought after comprehensive yet concise notes are prepared and updated annually by Sean.

The notes are customised such that they are easy to understand and serve as a good summary for many just before their tests and examinations. Sean does not believe in chunky notes which students tend to memorise blindly without understanding. Instead, he is one who believes in the beauty of ‘less is MORE’! His students love his bullet-point notes with emphasis on keywords which examiners are looking out for. He also likes to use flow-charts so that his students can link all the different concepts and topics.

As a Chemistry specialist since 1999, Sean has built a strong database with thousands of Chemistry questions. These questions have been meticulously sorted out into different topics and levels of difficulties. Having a wide knowledge of different questions is one of the very important skills that a good Chemistry tutor must possess. This allows his students to gain exposure to different types of questions and will help them to become more flexible and confident to handle ‘the unexpected’ in examinations.

Small Group Size

Maximum class size is 18 for all our Chemistry tuition classes. The small group size allows Sean to fully interact with all the students in the class and getting them to participate effectively in the discussion. Small group dynamics cultivates positive learning, inspires action and motivates students to achieve results faster.

Learning Beyond the Classroom: 24/7 WhatsApp/SMS Support

We recognise that learning happens beyond the lessons and students might have doubts to clarify, They can do so anytime and anywhere 24/7 via WhatsApp/SMS or if they prefer, they can make an appointment to see Sean before or after their class for consultation. All these are complimentary for our students and answered by Sean personally. Clarification is the key to master Chemistry and our students find these platforms invaluable to them. In fact, some of our students managed to top their school or level in Chemistry because they have been consistently clarifying their doubts with Sean.

“Sean has made it possible for me to understand certain Chemistry concepts much better. There are several fundamentals that he insists on me knowing it, that i initially thought of skipping. His analogies and ways of relating chemistry to everyday life is very apt and makes it easier for me to grasp the concepts. With a good grasp of the fundamental concepts, it was so much easier for me to tackle other tough chapters like Acids, Bases & Salts, Electrolysis, Mole Concepts and Chemical Analysis. Appreciate your help Sean! I would highly recommend Sean to you, especially you face problems in understanding those Chemistry concepts, because he makes it so simple to relate to.”

Cheney Wong | St Andrew School | D7 to A1 grade

“Your lessons somehow kindled my interest in Chemistry for me. For someone with consistent fails in Sec 3, to constant As in Sec 4, the change is miraculous! I can’t exactly pinpoint what changed my mindset but now I find myself enjoying Chemistry. Sean Chua is clear and concise, clearing up many doubts. Not to be overly dramatic but this might have changed my life as I now consider Chemistry as a possible JC course. Fantastic O-Level Chemistry tuition that changed my whole outlook on Chemistry, making it one of my favourite subject!”

Bryan Leong | Hwa Chong Institution | F9 to A2 grade

Effective Communication with Parents

Our parents are constantly in touch with us. Some want to find out their child’s progress, challenges and how they can support their child at home. Sean is always open to discussion with parents despite his busy schedule. We are going the extra mile as we strongly believe parents do play a very important role in a child’s progress. Every year, we will also conduct complimentary parents workshops for parents on how to support their child when preparing for major examinations.

Parents are “the most important stakeholders”, says Education Minister Ong Ye Kung.
The Straits Times 29 September 2018 “Parents must play a part in helping their child to discover the joy of learning

O-Level Chemistry Tuition Sunday Class Bernessa Ang

Bernessa Ang | Anderson Secondary School | F9 to A2


Sean is probably

  • the only Chemistry specialist since 1999 who is
  • the invited book author for BOTH the O-Level Pure Chemistry and A-Level H2 Chemistry Ten Year Series.

This also means your child can have direct access to him for discussion on his approach in solving each and every single question from the Ten Year Series.

He is also the rare few Chemistry tutors who is familiar with BOTH the O-Level and A-Level syllabus which is the reason why IP Chemistry students benefit greatly from his Chemistry tuition classes.

Most school teachers and private tutors only know either the O-Level or the A-Level Chemistry syllabus. For Sean, his experience and mastery of both the syllabuses allow him to connect the basic concepts in GCE O-Level Pure Chemistry and the advanced concepts in GCE A-Level H2 Chemistry together. This allows students to understand the essential concepts thoroughly, just like a crystal ball in their hand. For O-Level Pure Chemistry students, there are concepts and phenomenon which their school teachers want them to just memorise it. When asked, the teachers were not able to explain further. This is where Sean comes into the picture where he uses advanced chemistry concepts to explain clearly to students the real reason and concepts so that they truly appreciate it.

Being a certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP), Sean communicates effectively to his students and changes the students’ perception towards Chemistry; from initially dreading the subject to gradually finding more interest. He believes his NLP skills play a major role in unlocking the superpowers in his students to enjoy learning and scoring in Chemistry.

Many who came to us are low in confidence for Chemistry and Sean always have his way to encourage and motivate them to relearn Chemistry and do their very best. About 70% of our students are recommended to us, from our ex students and their parents, from private tutors and school teachers. This differentiates him from Chemistry teachers and other Chemistry tutors.

“I feel that the O-Level Chemistry lessons have been very effective and has helped to grasp the basics of Chemistry and letting me realise that it is actually quite easy and I hope that this programme will be carried on for future years. I also find Mr Chua an effective and dedicated teacher, even staying back after class to help me.”

Ethan Lim | St Joseph Institution | C6 to A1 grade 

“He is also the type of person who encourages and gives direction to students so that we not only learn to overcome the challenges but learn to love them.

Thank you Mr Chua or helping me inculcate a great love for the sciences (yes, not just Chemistry)! I truly appreciate all your help, because I believe that the passion of my studies that you have helped me developed will bring me to great heights in life. Thank You and never stop teaching cause it’s what you are good at Mr Chua!”

Ruth Ng Hui En | Crescent Girl’s School | C5 (Sec 3 Mid-year) to A1 (Prelims)


FAQ (Click on + sign to read the answers)

What happens when my child is unable to attend a scheduled lesson?

He has to SMS us a week before his scheduled class to arrange to attend another class within the same week. If he is unable to attend the alternative class or that class is full, he can arrange with us to pick up the materials the following Tuesday or 30 mins before the next lesson.

Are the classes suitable for IP students?

Yes. Over the years, we have IP students from

  • ACS Independent,
  • Catholic High School,
  • Cedar Girls’ Secondary,
  • CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School,
  • Dunman High School,
  • Hwa Chong Institution,
  • Nanyang Girls’ High,
  • National Junior College (secondary section),
  • Raffles Girls’ School,
  • Raffles Institution,
  • River Valley High School,
  • Singapore Chinese Girls’ School,
  • Temasek Junior College (secondary section),
  • Victoria School

Since 1999, Sean has taught more than 1500 students from almost every school and being the Ten Year Series book author for both O-Level Pure Chemistry and A-Level H2 Chemistry, he is very familiar with the both the syllabus of O-Level and A-Level Chemistry. IP Chemistry students will learn the basic concepts similar to O-Level Pure Chemistry students with additional A-Level H2 Chemistry concepts taught. Also, some IP schools emphasise more on application questions in their examination and all these will be addressed in our Secondary 3 and 4 Pure Chemistry tuition classes.

We welcome IP Chemistry students as young as Secondary 1 to start in our Secondary 3 Chemistry classes. Due to the structured teaching methodology by Sean, IP students who start early tend to enjoy learning and build strong foundation in Chemistry.

As every IP school curriculum is different, call us at 9828 7357 to speak to Sean personally.

Is there a trial lesson?

Yes. You can choose ‘Book a trial lesson’ in the online registration form. A trial lesson of 2 hours duration is $150. If your child continues the class after the trial lesson, we will normalise the fees of a trial lesson to that of a normal lesson and issue a credit note to offset the fees for the remaining lessons in the month.

How is the lesson conducted?

Every lesson is conducted in a systematic and enjoyable manner. Learning in a structured and systematic approach sets the foundation which allows underperforming students to make massive improvement in their grades, from F9 to Distinction.

Sean’s strength lies in using everyday analogies to simplify abstract Chemistry concepts for his students. This is probably one of the reasons we have many students who have been with us from their Secondary 3 to JC 2. They look forward to the lessons week after week, year after year.

The basic concepts for each topic will be taught so students who have not learnt the topic can follow. For students who have learnt the topic, it is a great time to recap and reinforce their understanding by clarifying their doubts. Yes! We encourage asking of questions in class. Techniques on solving carefully selected application questions (MCQ and structured questions) will then be taught.

As we have only a limited 120 mins every week, everything taught is delivered with precision and clarity. It’s always about achieving maximum result in minimum time under the guidance of an experienced teacher, Sean.

My child joins Winners Education late, can he catch up?

When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Your child can clarify any doubts with Sean personally via WhatsApp/SMS support on a 24/7 basis.

He can also arrange to see Sean before or after each lesson for individual consultation.

If your child is in Secondary 4 now and there are many topics which he is facing challenges in, we strongly recommend that he joins the Secondary 3 class on top of the Secondary 4 class.

Every June and December holidays, we will also be conducting our essential Topical Chemistry Revision Workshops to help students to strengthen their concepts for the major topics. Your child can consider these revision workshops if they join our regular tuition classes much later.

All these learning platforms means that your child will always have a chance to learn all the essential concepts from Sean.

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