2020 A-Level JC H2 Chemistry Weekly Tuition Class

Many parents are puzzled. “Why is there such a huge gap in my child’s O-Level Chemistry results and JC A-Level H2 Chemistry results? He(She) achieved an A2 for O-Level but scored less than 30% in his (her) first H2 Chemistry test in JC!” Upon seeing their child’s unsatisfactory results, they often turn to A-Level H2 Chemistry tuition centres or tutors for help! Some ask around for recommendation of good Chemistry tutors or tuition centres while others search online for A-Level JC Chemistry tuition and tutors.

Trial lesson for H2 Chemistry Tuition

Every child is different. One tuition centre might work great for a child but not so for another. We understand! That’s why we offer satisfaction guarantee trial lesson for our classes. If Mr Chua’s teaching style is not suitable for your child, we will refund you the fees and your child keeps the learning materials. It is important that your child finds a good tutor match who can intrigue his interest in Chemistry, motivate him to clarify and encourage active learning. The content syllabus for A-Level JC Chemistry is heavy considering there is only less than 1.5 years to complete it! Your child needs a substantial amount of energy and motivation to keep the learning going. Under the right Chemistry tutor guidance, your child can know how to work smart, enjoy learning and see for himself the improvement in Chemistry.


Sean is probably

  • the only Chemistry specialist since 1999 who is
  • the invited book author for BOTH the A-Level H2 Chemistry and O-Level Pure Chemistry Ten Year Series.

This also means your child can have direct access to him for discussion on his approach in solving each and every single question from the Ten Year Series.

He is also the rare few Chemistry tutors who is familiar with BOTH the A-Level and O-Level syllabus which is the reason why IP Chemistry students benefit greatly from his Chemistry tuition classes.

Most school teachers and private tutors only know either the O-Level or the A-Level Chemistry syllabus. For Sean, his experience and mastery of both the syllabuses allow him to connect the basic concepts in GCE O-Level Pure Chemistry and the advanced concepts in GCE A-Level H2 Chemistry together. This allows students to understand the essential concepts thoroughly, just like a crystal ball in their hand. For A-Level H2 Chemistry students, there are concepts and phenomenon which their school teachers want them to just memorise it. When asked, the teachers were not able to explain further. This is where Sean comes into the picture where he uses advanced chemistry concepts to explain clearly to students the real reason and concepts so that they truly appreciate it.

Being a certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP), Sean communicates effectively to his students and changes the students’ perception towards Chemistry; from initially dreading the subject to gradually finding more interest. He believes his NLP skills play a major role in unlocking the superpowers in his students to enjoy learning and scoring in Chemistry.

Many who came to us are low in confidence for Chemistry and Sean always have his way to encourage and motivate them to relearn Chemistry and do their very best. About 70% of our students are recommended to us, from our ex students and their parents, from private tutors and school teachers. This differentiates him from Chemistry teachers and other Chemistry tutors.

“When i started JC, Chem was a subject that i really tried my best to avoid studying because i struggled with it so much and it was pretty obvious from my grades (i got a U for CTs in year 5). However, Mr Chua’s lessons really changed my whole attitude towards the subject because of his emphasis on the importance of mastering the basics and getting our fundamental concepts right before moving on to tackle questions and that really helped me in overcoming my fear of the subject I feel. Not that anyone cares but I ended up getting an A for Chem in my A levels which is a pretty big improvement from my U in year 5 so ya thANKS MR CHUA!”

Puar Yu Rou, Raffles Institution, U to A grade

Yu Rou’s elder brother was with us as well for his H2 Chemistry. Read more about the story of the Puar siblings here.

“Mr Chua’s lessons were engaging yet informative and I personally benefitted a lot from his lessons. His enthusiastic personality makes the classes enjoyable and piqued my interest in chemistry. Mr Chua is also very kind and helpful, ensuring that all students understand each concept fully, not just memorizing the steps to get the answers.

Jaryl Ong, Hwa Chong Institution, E to A grade

Jaryl’s elder sister was also with us for her IP Chemistry and H2 Chemistry.

“Mr Chua is a dedicated teacher who strives to help every student attain their desired results. His unconventional teaching methods greatly helped me grasp difficult Chemistry concepts. His passion for Chemistry has inspired me to pursue my own interest in the subject. Will definitely recommend to those who need the extra push in the subject.”

Cuithbert Lim, Meridian Junior College, D to A grade

*Cuithbert took O-Level Combine Science. He did not allow his past to become a disadvantage for him instead it motivated him to work harder than his O-Level Pure Chemistry peers.

Committed students and parents come from all over Singapore to attend our classes.

List of over 180+ schools our students are from:

Committed students and parents come from all over Singapore to attend our classes
Winners Education proven track record since 1999. Thousands of students from 170+ secondary schools & JCs

2020 A-Level JC H2 Chemistry Tuition Schedule

FAQ (Click on + sign to read the answers)

What’s the address of centre?

A) Winners Education Centre (Waterloo Centre) Blk 261, Waterloo Street, #03-21, Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261 Nearest MRTs: Bras Basah (3 minutes walk) Bencoolen (5 minutes walk) Bugis (8 minutes walk) B) Winners Education Centre (Bishan) in collaboration with Distinction Tutorial School Blk 513, Bishan Street 13, #01-506, Singapore 570513 Next to Bishan Library, CPF Bishan Service Centre, Bishan Bus Interchange (1 minute walk) Nearest MRT: Bishan (3 minutes walk)

What happens when my child is unable to attend a scheduled lesson?

He has to WhatsApp us at least 3 days before his scheduled lesson to attend another class within the same week. If he is unable to attend the alternative class or that class is full, an email follow up will be sent and your child may make an appointment to come 30 minutes earlier on his next lesson to clarify his questions with Mr Chua.

How is the lesson conducted?

Every lesson is conducted in a systematic and enjoyable manner. Learning in a structured and systematic approach sets the foundation which allows underperforming students to make massive improvement in their grades, from F9 to Distinction.

Mr Chua’s strength lies in using everyday analogies to simplify abstract Chemistry concepts for his students. This is probably one of the reasons we have many students who have been with us from their Secondary 3 to JC 2. They look forward to the lessons week after week, year after year.

The basic concepts for each topic will be taught so students who have not learnt the topic can follow. For students who have learnt the topic, it is a great time to recap and reinforce their understanding by clarifying their doubts. Yes! We encourage asking of questions in class. Techniques on solving carefully selected application questions (MCQ and structured questions) will then be taught.

As we have only a limited 120 mins every week, everything taught is delivered with precision and clarity. It’s always about achieving maximum result in minimum time under the guidance of an experienced teacher, Mr Chua.

My child joins Winners Education late, can he catch up?

When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Your child can clarify any doubts with Mr Chua personally via WhatsApp/SMS support on a 24/7 basis.

He can also arrange to see Mr Chua before or after each lesson for individual consultation.

If your child is in Secondary 4 now and there are many topics which he is facing challenges in, we strongly recommend that he joins the Secondary 3 class on top of the Secondary 4 class.

Every June and December holidays, we will also be conducting our essential Topical Chemistry Revision Workshops to help students to strengthen their concepts for the major topics. Your child can consider these revision workshops if they join our regular tuition classes much later.

All these learning platforms means that your child will always have a chance to learn all the essential concepts from Mr Chua.

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